“As a facilitator, few people approach Tom Griggs’mastery of group process. He uses a wide repertoire and knowledge base to know exactly when to intervene and when to pull back. Besides knowing Tom as a colleague, I hired him several times to lead workshops for my clients.Personally, after an hour or two with Tom, I always leave feeling enriched.”

-George Smart ( Managing Partner, Strategic Development, Inc.)

“Dr. Griggs has been extremely helpful to me in getting my new enterprise off the ground. His skill as a facilitator of group dynamics is unparalleled. I am amazed at his ability to place a group at ease and solicit participation on a very personal and honest basis. If you need to bring diverse groups together or if you require conflict resolution I would strongly recommend Dr. Griggs.”

-Thomas Kaczynski (Business Development, Criterion Services, Inc.)

“I am so impressed with Thomas’ creativity, warmth, caring nature and his expansive intellect. He is deeply knowledgeable about what makes people and organizations tick. If you need to bring a group of people to their max performance – Thomas is the consultant you can trust to make it happen. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

-Gail Perry, CFRE ( President, Gail Perry Associates )

“The Multicultural Council of the ManKind Project/Kansas City recently hosted Thomas’ Multicultural Leadership Training. What an amazing mix of intelligent insight, sensitivity to everyone in the group, deep understanding of his material and, especially, his awesome ability to compassionately process individual’s life experiences and attitudes, for the benefit of the person _and_ the group. Quite magical!”

- John Mutrux

“Thomas is one of those people that you know is special the moment you meet him and I’m honored to have worked with him. His vast knowledge and experiences are impressive and give him a ‘collective’ perspective that he works from. This perspective puts people from all walks of life at ease and make him the ideal mentor and consultant. My trust in Thomas and his abilities enable me to recommend him without reservation. I look forward to working with and learning from Thomas again in the future.”

-Steven Alston ( Owner, Split Screen Consulting )

“Dr. Griggs literally saved our organization from imploding during a leadership crisis. He kept us together when we threatened to turn on ourselves. Also, Thomas Griggs has left a legacy of creating a multi-cultural program that is still blessing the lives of our members today. I have been the beneficiary of his training, insight, and leadership. I know this man professionally and personally, and hold him in the highest esteem. Plus, he has written brilliantly for my publication, The New Warrior Journal. Dr. Thomas Griggs is one of the great original thinkers of our times. Any client or organization would profit from his gifts.”

-Reid Baer, Former Editor of The New Warrior Journal

“Dr. Thomas Griggs is a powerful facilitator, trainer and consultant who brings creative and effective solutions to complex problems. The core of his work is all about real world solutions that work and last! I have experienced his work and highly recommend him.”

-Martin Brossman ( Small Business Coach and Author, Raleigh, NC )