Dr. Griggs

Thomas Shelden Griggs, Ph. D.

Dr. Griggs is President and CEO of New Science Consulting Group, Inc., in Raleigh, a 20 year-old consulting firm that provides on-site executive leadership development programs and conflict resolution for organizations across the United States.  His particular interest is in designing effective programs that bring research scientist/engineers into new business ventures, and he especially likes to design and implement solutions to apparently impossible challenges.  Dr. Griggs’ unique expertise derives from his study of applications of chaos theory to organizational leadership, and from over 20 years training in the use of cultural group analysis.

Formerly Director of Employee Assistance and Managed Mental Health Programs for Aetna Life & Casualty, Dr. Griggs is currently a Senior Consultant with VISIONS, Inc. in Boston, Mass., for training and consulting in cultural differences in organizations across the U.S. and abroad.

He is a graduate of Duke University and holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology of Palo Alto University, where he received an Ark Foundation grant for peace research and the Outstanding Dissertation Award for his doctoral thesis.  He has been on the adjunct faculty at Duke University and at the University of Richmond.

When he is not in the North Carolina mountains he lives in a renovated home in one of Raleigh’s downtown historic districts.

Dr. Griggs may be reached by filling out the Contact Form or emailing him at Dr.Griggs@gmail.com