New Science Consulting

New Science Consulting is a full-service management consulting firm, best known for our unique on-site training programs in Executive Leadership Development, Strategic Partnering  and Cross-Cultural Teaming.  We work with clients and provide programs locally and internationally, with our principal offices adjacent to the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and Silicon Valley in California. Our professional staff are experienced as business owners, start-up company founders, Fortune 100 executives and organizational consultants. We have been in business since 1975, with the firm assuming its present identity in 1992 to focus on our primary services.

New Science believes recent breakthroughs in nonlinear dynamical systems research show us a simpler way to lead and manage complex organizations. Our consulting and training services are guided by a vision of finding ever more elegant ways to work. In practice this means creating simpler, more powerful interventions in complex organizations to increase both corporate performance and personal satisfaction. We believe in reducing paperwork, shortening meeting times, gaining several effects for each initiative, and improving the quality of life while in the process of meeting business objectives. Always, we use our clients’ highest priority business challenges as the curricula for our trainings and work sessions.

We have successfully designed and administered major projects for clients such as IBM, Glaxo Smith Kline, SAS and Nortel Networks, and currently specializes in programs for emerging and mid-sized companies in Bio-Technology and the Health Sciences.Our consultants also have experience providing many other aspects of organizational and human resource development such as crisis management, leading change initiatives, working with troubled employees, facilitating large group process conferences, training supervisors in performance development review systems, designing board retreats, and much more.  With over 40 experienced senior consultants across the US, New Science has responded effectively to a broad range of organizational and human resource needs.

“You have restored my faith in your profession, something I never dreamed could be accomplished.” ~Plant Manager, Automotive Manufacturing